The Power of Using the Winning Marketing Angle and How to Get It

When nature calls, we must honor it! Nancy was out with her family and needed to use a washroom. She knew it would take her at least an hour to get back home. Hence, she immediately hunts for a washroom. Surprisingly, she sees two signboards.

One directed her 100 meters to the right:

ABCD Pay & Use Washrooms

Unload, for some relief!

The other directed her 100 meters to the left:

EFGH Pay & Use Washrooms

Clean and supervised!

Which washroom do you think Nancy used? Obviously, the one to the left. Why? There’s no doubt that any washroom would let her unload and feel relieved. But EFGH Pay & Use Washrooms highlighted the cleanliness-one of the key factors anyone would look for in a public toilet. “Clean and supervised” was the marketing angle here, and that made all the difference in Nancy’s choice.

This is a simple example. But, here’s the point: It is very important to use the right marketing angle in your messaging to ensure greater sales results. What is your competitive advantage? How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Your marketing angle will definitely be unique, based on your offering. However, here are just three (out of a million) pointers to help you start thinking.

Quantitative benefits: If your product saves up to 30% of your customer’s time in performing a specific task, add that number in your messaging. When random statements fail to create an impact, numbers can turn heads.

Discounts and freebies: The words “free” and “discounts” have enormous psychological appeal. If you are giving away something for free or at a discount, include that in your messaging with a brief explanation. For example, enjoy a 30-day free trial, or, get a 50% discount on your first order. The explanation takes the guesswork out of your customers’ mind on what the offer is and its authenticity.

Giving back to society: If you have taken up a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative to do your bit for the society, or, if you are doing something to make the world a better place, you can involve your customers too. Let them know that by being your customer they would be contributing toward the initiative. It definitely introduces a “feel good” factor.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes to find your best marketing angle. What would make you (as a customer) choose your brand over your competitor’s? Your unique selling proposition (USP) needs to stand out in your marketing and communication. If you have an excellent product, but don’t market it the right way, there’s no way people will know about the power of your product.